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damon&elena | a thousand years

Просмотры: 1 Добавил: _Evelina_ _Evelina_ 
Описание материала:

"the day we met; frozen i held my breath"


for their wishlists. i love every video these three girls post so much; they just turn out perfect every single time! i'd love a chance to talk to all of them but here this one is; hope they like it! also; im aware this is not the best of videos but i was in the mood to vid today, not sure why.

i want no hate from my stefan/elena shipper subscribers okay?and as always, not changing my opt, loving stefan + elena as much as always!

damon rant. [de fans; ignore]
OK; i really really REALLY hated Damon last episode. i didn't think it was possible for a TV character to piss me off that much but he just managed it. acting all nice to Stefan and then he goes to sleep with Elena. WTF? and i'm reading comments like "elena made the first move" bla bla bla. god, it takes two to have sex guys; it wasn't all her. If damon was all bothered about stefan HE WOULD NOT HAVE KISSED HER BACK! and i'm not hating against damon + elena; i am just really passionate about the salvatore brother bond!!

anywho, feeling like i haven't vidded SE for a while but I made this anyway. i mean, i do have a DE shippers subscribed to me so my dear friends, try not to get too mad about that rant up there, just seriously annoyed! also, i'm saying that elena being sired to damon is faking her feelings so please don't hate me de shippers!!

also; this is for the egc (end game contest) and even though i'm not a huge de shipper, i still like them and they can have really cute moments. also, i want to spread around that elena being sired to damon does not mean her feelings aren't real, ok? because that's obviously not true.

Hope you guys like this one!!

● fandom; the vampire diaries
● characters; damon salvatore + elena gilbert
● song; (just google/youtube the lyrics)
● colouring; shimmeringztutorials
● software; sony vegas pro

Язык: Русский
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